What are your hours?

We are open to the public Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-6pm. You are welcome to come by and look through our portfolios, though a consultation appointment is needed to speak with an artist.

How do I go about making an appointment?

Please e-mail the artist of your choice to make a consultation. Please provide a BRIEF description of what you want (any pictures), approximate size and placement. Make sure you include your phone number, so we can call you back. There is no charge for a consultation but we do ask that you only book a consultation if you are prepared to make an appointment to get tattooed. If you just want to get some advice or ask questions about the process just call our receptionist during regular business hours and she can help with most inquiries.

How much do you charge? Our hourly rate is $175.

We always do our best to give you an idea of how much time will be needed but quotes are ALWAYS an estimate only. It is almost impossible to predict how long a tattoo will take, especially larger work. One session tattoos are charged at a slightly higher rate, dependent on size and detail (so are not charged by the hourly rate).

Do I need to have a deposit when I make a tattoo appointment?

Yes, a minimum deposit of $150 is required for one session tattoos, $300 is required for tattoo’s needing more than one session and for larger work, such as back pieces and sleeves, a $500 deposit is required. The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE and will carry through to your last appointment and will come off the cost of the tattoo. Please note the artists will not start any drawing for designs until a deposit is paid.

What happens if I cannot make my appointment?

We have a 1 week cancellation policy. If you make a habit of being late or cancelling your appointments we may cancel future bookings or ask you to prepay for each session. Please do not make appointments that you are unsure you can keep.

Can my friends come and watch me get tattooed?

No sorry, friends will be asked to pick you up once your tattoo is finished. We know this may seem harsh but we have good reasons. For one, it can be really distracting to an artist who is trying to concentrate on doing your tattoo. We also like to be considerate to others who are getting tattooed too, we want to give people as much privacy as we can. At Kapala Tattoo we prefer a quiet and intimate setting, having 100’s of people in the shop is not the atmosphere we are going for. We also do not have space in our waiting room for hoards of waiting friends, so please avoid bringing anyone with you. To be honest, watching someone get tattooed is pretty boring! Your friends will appreciate not having to sit and wait around for you for hours!

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

Yes, we ask that you please shave the area to be tattooed (if it is in an area that this is possible). Preferably just before your appointment or at least the day of. Also please make sure that you eat properly before your appointment, low blood sugar and tattooing don't mix well. Bring a snack and come well rested. Please come to your appointment showered and clean!

Where can I park my car when I come in for an appointment?

There is parking on Imperial Ave. As well all additional side streets have free parking.

Are there any body areas or images you won’t tattoo?

We will only tattoo necks, hands or knuckles if you are already heavily tattooed. We will not tattoo anyone’s face under ANY circumstances. We will also not tattoo anything that perpetuates prejudice.

Is there anyone you won’t tattoo?

We don’t tattoo pregnant/breast feeding women, anyone with transmittable diseases, people under 18 (even with parental consent), or anyone undergoing chemotherapy. Please note we will not tattoo anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Can I see my design before my appointment?

No, we can explain why during your consultation.