What are your hours?

We are open to the public 7 days a week, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. You are welcome to come by and take a look through our portfolios, however, a consultation appointment is needed to speak with an artist.

How do I go about making an appointment? 

Start by emailing the artist of your choice with a brief description of what you’re looking to get. If they are interested in your piece, give us a call at the shop to book a consultation with that artist so you can discuss the design, size, placement and colour of the tattoo. After the consult, if you’d like to book an appointment we require a minimum $100 cash deposit.

Do consults cost anything? 

Consults are free of charge, however you will be required to put down a minimum $100 cash deposit in order to book an appointment.

Do you accept etransfers? 

We can accept etransfers for deposits only, not for the cost of the tattoo. You can send your etransfer to richhandford@gmail.comusing the password “tattoo”. In the message area please indicate your artist and date booked.

Can I pay for my tattoo with debit or credit? 

We accept cash only.

I want a small tattoo, do I need to book a consultation? 

Small tattoos do not always require a consultation, you can come for a walk-in when there is time available. If you’d like to go straight to booking an appointment we would still require a minimum $100 deposit.

How much do you charge? Is it by the hour or by piece? 

We charge by the hour, our hourly rate is $200 including taxes. For smaller pieces that are less than an hour, we would charge the minimum shop rate of $120 to $180. If you would like a specific quote on a tattoo, contact an artist directly or book a consultation.

Do I need to have a deposit to book an appointment? 

Yes, a minimum $100 deposit is required to book an appointment with any artist. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Deposits are rolled over until your LAST appointment, at which time it can be redeemed towards your tattoo.

What happens if I cannot make it for my appointment? 

We require 7 days’ notice if you want to change or cancel your appointment, or your deposit will be forfeited.

Can my friends come and watch me get tattooed?

You may choose to bring one friend or family member to support you while getting tattooed, but no more. Too many people in the studio can be distracting to the artist who is trying to do your tattoo. At Kapala Tattoo we prefer a quiet and intimate setting, both in the artists’ rooms and in our waiting room.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my appointment? 

Eat properly before you come in for an appointment, and bring yourself enough drinks and snacks to last for your session, low blood sugar and tattoos don’t mix well. Come well rested, showered and free of any lotions or perfumes. You can shave the area you will be getting tattooed the day of your appointment, or the day before if you’d like.

Where can I park my vehicle?

Park on one of the side streets, not on St Anne’s due to the short parking hours.

Is Kapala Tattoo accessible by bus? 

Yes, there are bus stops directly in front of the shop.

Are there any body areas or images you won’t tattoo?

We will only tattoo necks, hands or knuckles if you are already heavily tattooed. We will NOT tattoo faces under any circumstances. We will also not tattoo anything that perpetuates hatred or prejudice.

Is there anyone you won’t tattoo? 

Our shop is 18+ only, regardless of parental consent. We won’t tattoo pregnant/breast feeding women, anyone with a transmittable disease or undergoing chemotherapy. Please note, we will not tattoo anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Is there a cost for touch ups to my tattoo? 

Touch ups are free within the first year.

Can I see my design before my appointment? 

No, we can explain why during the consultation appointment.